blue grouse estate winery manor


This home takes its cue from the clean lines and warm modern style of the winery's tasting room, but still looks and feels like a farmhouse: welcoming, comfortable and rustic. It completely captures the surrounding views from every room, allowing a seamless indoor/ outdoor connection. The exposed trusses in the vaulted ceiling are a nod to the historical importance of barn structures in the area. Consideration was given to flexible use of the space for events, guests and visitors, including accessibility.

Blue Grouse Estate Winery Manor (or the "Grouse House" as it is called locally!) is the winner of the 2017 Victoria Residential Builders Association Gold CARE Award for Best Interior, Residential, 3500-5000sq ft.

Consulting Architect: Boxwood
General Contracting:
Humber Custom Carpentry
Photography: Leanna Rathkelly