What Is Universal Design?

Universal Design, Age In Place , Barrier Free Design, Independent Living, Livability, Visitability, Lifetime Home Design...

While the terms above may focus on a particular application or user group, they all share a common intent: to design space that is inclusive and responsive.

Most North Americans over the age of 55 want to continue to live in a familiar environment throughout their maturing years. According to statistics, older home owners overwhelmingly prefer to age in place. This means living in one’s home safely, independently and comfortably regardless of age or ability level.

Here is an example of a simple change we made to render a bathroom vanity usable by family members of all ages:

How We Implement Its Principles

As Registered Interior Designers we are well versed in the commercial requirements of Accessible and Barrier Free Design.

We combine our experiences in both commercial work and residential design, working to create “age-in-place” spaces that are relevant to our clients needs and aesthetics. We assess the current residence (or planning for new construction) to address the modification or adaption of the home as one matures, increasing access and maneuverability. The goal is to create a “lifetime home”, designing an aesthetically-enriching and barrier-free living space.

We believe that smart design and planning, combined with smart building direction and practices, will result in a great home for the long run - creating a living space that reflects the functional needs of the client and is a beautiful place to call home.